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Genjek Dance, The Tradition

Balinese traditional social dance called Genjek

Balinese traditional social dance called Genjek
Bali dance Genjek. What is Bali and where is Bali, what is balinese tradition, religion, art and culture. Here we provide all about Bali, where to shopping, holiday, villa, hotel and so on.

Bali was always bring creative ideas of the society. Even activities that are deemed negative could be taken any positive value. Most people probably already familiar with rap music where people sang out the words properly. It is similar to that developed in Bali was already long enough. But the difference here is done by some people who in-replication. This activity was developed and is known by the term 'Genjek.

Starting from the get-togethers while drinking wine and wine, some people who have lost control in the sense of drunkenness, they took out the voices that are not necessarily and finally disahuti with others. Happy and excited expression from the way they express the words with rhythmic deserved such a song. Some other people would imitate the sound of music as a complement of drums and voices, especially genjek kempul. This art was originally developed in the eastern area of Bali (Karangasem) and subsequently known to all other parts of Bali. Even in the north of Bali alone is sometimes equipped with the art of staging Joged complete with musical instruments made after the artists completed Genjek.

It is almost similar to Janger. The difference lies in the formality in carry it. Impressed Janger be formal and conducted by two groups of men and women. With less carry-over songs that are still in a very subtle language accompanied by music and dance that is set up such an extent a way. While Genjek more everyday language use that simple. But they both imply the excitement.

Over time, this art developed and carried out by those who are not under the influence of drink. The words that sounded even more varied taken from everyday language community such as: feelings of falling in love / admiration to a woman, the problems experienced in the mind and the other offices. Hope this art can later be used as a venue to tell without offending other people and especially without the usual accompanying drink.