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Arak and Tuak, Balinese Traditional Drinks

Balinese alcohol drinks called arak and tuak

Balinese alcohol drinks called arak and tuak
Balinese alcohol drinks called arak and tuak. What is Bali and where is Bali, what is balinese tradition, religion, art and culture. Here we provide all about Bali, Bali shopping.

Palm-wine and grappa. Maybe for most residents of this earth knows that the two types of beverages are intoxicating drinks which are often found in Bali. Basically two types of beverages are part of Upakara (materials) used for supplementary prayers where offerings to the Bhuta Kala or the creatures of God's creation (for the Hindu belief) that often interfere with human life in the event something not desired by them.

Therefore for some people in Bali, taking these two kinds of drinks are not good as well as harm our health, will also lead to the perception that people were equal in rank with Bhuta Kala and consequences if they get drunk. Not only the objects that will be targeted, but even something worthwhile people will become victims.

Fortification is the beverage in the tapping of palm trees which silenced a few hours. Sometimes this wine is sweet and intoxicating. But most people knew that intoxicating wine. Arak is a juice drink water that comes from fallow tape / sticky rice will be in further fluid fermentation. Consumption of these beverages is prohibited by the government.

Two types of drinks is not good for health, where the we will be staked out by some diseases such as liver. There have been many casualties and the government also allowed the two drinks was only used for ceremonial activities. But this is merely a separate rule for some people. They continue to consume two drinks together with some people