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Luxury villas for rent, daily, weekly, fully furnish, we list the best villas suitable for your requirements.

yearly rental villas

Cheap villas for rent short or long term, that usually not fully furnish, but may has swimming pool, furnitures, etc.

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Villas for sale. Start from cheap to luxury vilas available in Bali. We will remove the villas that are not available anymore.


Tourist Season in Bali
Tourist Season in Bali, is July and August and again Christmas and New Year.

Indonesia AirAsia Open Darwin-Denpasar
Indonesia AirAsia, on Tuesday (23/11), the new routes launched from Darwin, Australia to Denpasar, Bali

AirAsia Reaches One Hundreed Million Passengers
The airline AirAsia to reach the target transport 100 million passengers to various countries.

Bali and Tourism
Ending the prehistoric era, Bali was intended to do a search and travel by the spiritual aspirant.

France Festival Committee Invites Bali Artists
The Head of de Montoire Festival, Franch invited some groups of Bali artist to participate in mass cultural attraction like flowers decoration car festival.

Minister of Culture, Tourism Generate 7 Billion Dollars
Until the end of 2010 the number of foreign tourists visiting (tourists) to Indonesia will exceed 6.75 million or 7 million